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Fashion Shows in Munich

Fashion Show Agency Munich

Your company or label is looking for an exciting show concept in Munich?

As both a model agency and an agency for fashion shows, we are the right contact for you! From the choreography up to the choice of the right music, we support your fashion show reliably.

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How we turn your fashion show into a masterpiece

Model at Fashion Show Munich

The essentials for a good fashion show

To ensure that the audience will remember your runway show, you need more than just cool looks and outfits. The topic of a collection needs to be accentuated by matching music, an atmospheric lighting and a professional choreography.
To properly consider all wished and needs of our clients, our Fashion Show Agency Munich creates an individual Needed-List, a kind of checklist, for every customer.

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Of course, this service is also available for customers from other cities, like Ingolstadt, Stuttgart or Augsburg!


Why hire a fashion show agency?

With experience and professionalism, we – as a Model and Fashion Show Agency – cannot only provide the perfect models for your designs, but also plan your whole event from top to bottom. Therefore, you can practice the choreography, fitting and outfit changes with the models right away – a smooth running is guaranteed this way.
Particularly in Munich, home of the AMD Academy for Fashion & Design, fashion events take place regularly: Be it the yearly Fashion Week or the ‘in fashion munich’, there are young talents of the fashion world everywhere. Thus, it is all the more important to stand out from the crowd!
Working together with our Fashion Show Agency Munich, we do not only relieve you of burdensome work, but we can also inspire you and bring new outside ideas into your concept. Of course, your expectations and demands are what counts most for us.