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Influencer marketing agency Munich

Influencer Marketing Agency Munich

Influencers are celebrities of today. Their habitats are all social media channels – Instagram, TikTok or YouTube, usually several or all of them at the same time. And they have big influence! – Influence which is of interest to marketing strategists all around the world. That's why from now on we also support you as an Influencer marketing agency Munich, so that you get in contact with promising influencers in Munich as well as other German cities like Regensburg, Augsburg, Nuremberg and Stuttgart.

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Influencer marketing: Personal recommendations instead of conventional advertisement

The issue: Conventional marketing is non-efficient

Influencer marketing, fair enough. But what do influencers do that traditional advertising does not? The problem is that start-up companies as well as large corporations seldom reach or bind their target groups with conventional marketing in their entirety. Posters in the city centre of Munich or commercials in the half-time break of the evening blockbuster, which is often spent in the bathroom or in the kitchen anyway are often simply not efficient enough. Because of this, marketing specialists from all companies have to find new ways to differentiate themselves and reach their target group.

The solution: Customer acquisition with influencer marketing

Influencers on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube provide product recommendations and tips that their community trusts. But what exactly is influencer marketing? This marketing strategy is based on cooperation between an influencer and a company, e. g. in Munich, Augsburg or Nuremberg. Once our influencer marketing agency Munich has established the contact between you and a suitable testimonial, your company would then provide the influencer with free products or services from your offer. In return, the influencer integrates these products into his social media content. Beautifully draped in a product photo or presented in an unpacking video, the influencer recommends the article to his community, thus taking over the marketing for your company and thereby contributes to the customer acquisition and retention of existing customers.

Another perk of influencer marketing: It does not matter if your company is based in Munich, Stuttgart or Berlin. Our influencers act nationally or even internationally. That's why we support you as an influencer agency Munich nationwide.


Influencer agency – Matching influencers for every company

There are many things to consider when choosing the right influencer. How many followers should the influencer have at least? How do I ensure that the influencer advertises my products properly and the campaign does not backfire? As an influencer agency Munich, we know what is important in the placement and what promising influencers are compatible with your company. From our years of experience and our expertise, we will gladly benefit you!

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Micro Influencer Muenchen

Micro influencer: Small but powerful!

If you consider marketing your business, products, and services through influencers, you might think about the big social media launches with 5 million followers or even more. This leads directly to the next question – can I even pay for these? Especially smaller companies will not be able to raise the money for it. But fortunately, there is another, sometimes even more efficient method for small as well as big companies: Micro influencer! Micro influencers are influencers with a comparatively small community – small but powerful! Often, micro influencers have a much more personal relationship with their followers. Studies show that the small social media stars are often very dedicated and often respond to the personal messages and comments of their followers, which is not possible for influencers with a number of thousands or millions of followers. Because of this particular closeness and bond of trust in the community, micro influencers often have an even stronger impact on buying decisions.


Micro influencers should by no means be underestimated, and that's why we at the influencer marketing agency Munich like to bring your company together with smaller influencers, too!



Influencer Job Berlin

How to become an Influencer in Munich & its surroundings

You want to become an influencer and represent companies on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram and YouTube? If you have a community that closely follows your content and supports you, you already bring the most important requirement! Also, if you're looking for a fun side job where you can try out innovative products and services before anyone else and introduce them to your followers – perfect! Then you should apply as an influencer at our influencer marketing agency Munich now!

We introduce you to exciting companies from Munich, Ulm, Ingolstadt and its surroundings, so that you can turn your hobby into a profession! Apply now!

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