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What can you expect at our Model Agency from Munich?

You want to apply for a job as a model or trade fair hostess, but you don't know what kind of tasks you will have? We have put together a short overview for you and introduce you to the areas of responsibility of a model, promoter, trade fair hostess or influencer.

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This one specific term probably means something to everyone – the exciting life as a top model on the catwalks of this world. We probably don't need to explain to anyone what the term itself stands for – we'd rather introduce you to the different areas of application.

The Photoshoot

During a photo shoot, the model presents him- or herself in front of the camera in a wide variety of poses and outfits and thus markets the product or depicts a situation. The models are made up, styled and have their hair done before the shoot. The outfits for the day are provided by the clients. Before they are put on, however, a so-called fitting takes place – a kind of dress rehearsal to see if everything looks as the client had imagined.

With product photography, everything works a little differently. Here, as the name suggests, the product is the main focus. In principle, the model serves to breathe some life into the product. These products can be either furniture, beauty equipment or sporting goods. For product shoots, the model often appears in own Make-Up for the day and brings a selection of outfits that she has put together herself.

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A promoter acts in the interest of the company and tries to inspire customers for the respective product. Promoters are often found in city centres, supermarkets or shopping centres. There they present a new product or are present at new openings of the company or special events (e.g. at Christmastime). Promoters address customers directly and distribute small give-aways, similar to trade fair hostesses, run competitions and are available at the event to provide customers with information. Since you have to talk to customers a lot, you should have a certain amount of self-confidence as a promoter and be open to approaching strangers.



A real community is the most important prerequisite if you want to ensure a successful cooperation with an influencer agency. Your community should be regularly inspired with content and be able to trust you. As an agency, we are the link between your profile and the various companies that would like to start a cooperation with you. We ensure that the cooperation and campaigns run smoothly and clarify what the client expects from you as an influencer. These processes are of course individually adapted to you as an influencer.